How to update Sony Ericsson LiveView MN600

Sony’s site seems to have been redesigned, and it’s almost impossible to find the LiveView update. The LiveView support page directs you to a software update page that only shows phones.

Sony Update Service finished updating Sony LiveView

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Office, stop wasting paper.

So, wouldn’t be nice if Office would detect that the last page of a document is blank, or would print with only headers, footers, or page numbers? It could then clean up the document to remove these content-free pages.
Wouldn’t that be nice?

HP to open source WebOS


JkOnTheRun is reporting that HP has decided to open source WebOS. Thank goodness for small acts of sanity.

Asus posts X101 minisite; Windows 7 beats Meego battery life

Asus has added a minisite that covers the Eee X101 and X101H. Most of this information was already known, but the shocker is the battery life. All X101 and X101H models use the same 28 W/h 3-cell battery. The X101H has a VGA port, a spinning hard drive and ethernet. The X101 and X101H Meego both claim a 4 hour battery life, while the X101H with Windows 7 starter manages to get a fifth hour somehow. Many had speculated that Meego would be a major win for battery life.


Before you start your new Asus Eee X101

Back in the day, every new computer came with a bunch of recovery media. When something went wrong, you would use the disks to bring your computer to a factory fresh state. Sadly, that day is behind us. Nowadays, you have to create your own media, before you need it, usually involving a bunch of blank disks and a burner, even when your computer didn’t include an optical drive. Thankfully, Asus doesn’t expect us to buy a usb cd burner. Of course, what Asus does expect isn’t much better. According to Asus, you can only create a product recovery stick at first boot. That means, before you use your X101 the first time, you need to have an 8gb or larger usb key that doesn’t contain any data, ready to dedicate for this use. Asus also says that SD cards can’t do the job. Be sure to grab an 8gb stick when you buy your Eee X101 so you’re prepared!

X101 X101H Bluetooth retrofit?

Based on the FCC teardown of the X101H, it looks like the X101H uses the Azurewave aw-nb047h combination WiFi B/G/N and Bluetooth card, available here. I’m getting the feeling that the bluetooth model won’t be coming to the US, and this kind of connectivity would be a boon for such a portable machine. Hopefully, adding bluetooth to the Eee X101 will be straightforward for users.

Pelican 1075 Hardback Case

This looks really great. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been chilling at the pool, without my netbook, mostly out of fear of dunking it in the water. Actually, I really want this.
Source:Pelican Announces 1075 Hardback Case for Tablets and Netbooks – SlashGear.